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IFEC SA specializes in the Construction-Installation-Renting and Management of ice rink systems for sporting or recreational purposes.

We design and construct both permanent and mobile structures from ice, such as ice rink systems, slides and paths made from ice, climbing walls, caves, bars, etc.

The careful study and design that is required for the construction of all components of an ice rink system, the experienced technical personnel and our cooperation with certified, high-standard companies, set the IFEC SA company apart as the most reliable supplier for your installation.

The vertical construction of ice rink systems exclusively in Greece allows our company to be more affordable than its European competitors and their subcontractors-representatives in Greece.

In this framework, we construct permanent or mobile outdoor and indoor ice rink systems and curling sheets for sporting or recreational purposes, exhibitions and television shows, in all sizes and shapes, using the best materials that are available in the market.

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